Your Prospects Want Details Now...”
Through this new technology, you can get it to them faster & cheaper... And best of all, 
while they’re still HOT!
If you are not using auto-responders, you are wasting valuable time, effort and money.. Today Autoresponders are a necessity in any successful marketing strategy - and you don’t even need to own a computer to use them. 
If you are not using auto-responders you must be responding to each individual request for information.  Don’t you have more profitable ways to spend your time? 
Use an Auto-responder for each product or service you offer, with no printing or postage costs, no long-distance charges... and all for only pennies per day. 

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Your customers want the facts. And, they want them as fast as they can get them, and the faster you deliver, the more professional you become, then the greater chance you have of converting prospects into paying customers, clients, or team members. 
Frankly there is no faster way to deliver the information your prospects seek than via the Internet and e-mail. It’s as fast, or even faster than fax-on-demand, and at a far less cost... Consider this: With fax-on-demand, your customer has to make a long distance call or call an 800 number, and if they’re calling an 800 number, it’s yours, and you’re paying for it. Enter Internet-on-Demand. Regardless of where your prospect is located, anywhere on the globe, it costs you nothing to deliver the information they seek and it costs them nothing to receive it. 
Our bullet-proof auto-responder service can accommodate up to about twelve e-mail formatted, type-written pages. That’s about 4500 words or about 25K of information. We actually could accommodate a great deal more, but presently Online companies like America Online limit e-mail through their system to twelve pages in an attempt to control the time customers spend online - this is common. 

Here’s how it works. With any program, product, or service you wish to market, simply indicate in all of your advertising your very own, unique, e-mail address (supplied by us in your start-up kit), and indicate the following: “Free details via E-mail at (your unique address).” Then, your customer just requests details, and we automatically capture their e-mail address & instantly send your details to them. 
Listen, make no mistake about this. We are living in the information age, where people demand what they want, and they want it now. 

You know when you order information about something new that you are interested in, the sooner you get it, the more likely you are to take action; and the longer it takes to get it, the more unlikely you are to respond. Guess what, my friend... We are alike - and we’re no different from everyone else. And know this: E-mail users are, as a group, more affluent than their non-email counterparts.

And now with our auto-responder, Internet On Demand program, technology does not need to cost the fortune it once did. You can take advantage of the world’s fastest, most efficient, and least costly information retrieval system for only $95, and... That’s not monthly. That’s per year. Simply fill out the order form and send us up to twelve type-written pages, in any format but in any case not to exceed 4500 words; or send us your information via disk in a simple text format, and no more than 25K, and we’ll take it from there. 
And A Free Business Opportunity From Network By Net
You can now offer this invaluable service to others, and promoting it couldn’t be simpler. Just include a copy of this letter/flyer in everything you mail. In your auto-responder start up kit, which includes your own unique auto-responder address, we’ll send you a camera ready of this letter/flyer with your dealer number on it so you can print it yourself when you need more, because we’re also going to send you twenty-five additional flyers ready for you to simply insert your Independent Dealer number so you may get started now. 
And now through the power of network marketing and our simplified program – you don’t need to be an MLM expert to understand our payment plan – you’ll earn a first level fast-start bonus then a full ten percent for another four full levels on every auto-responder you or your downline sell and on all renewals thereof, and it couldn’t be more simple to join this exciting, totally automatic pilot, 100% electronic network marketing program…because the business opportunity is free when you purchase your own auto-responder package.  Otherwise it’s only $39.95 (non-commissionable by law).  Either way, when you sell this to others, you’ll earn a whopping fast-start commission of $20 on the auto-responder at $95, and then you’ll earn 10% on all auto-responder sales by your downline for the next four levels.  We pay over fifty percent of all revenue out to those who make it happen, you the Independent Representative. 
It’s even more exciting because as you introduce this technology to others and they enroll, you’ll also earn 10% on the very modest $15 monthly fee we require, and again five levels deep.  The monthly fee covers our cost of monthly genealogy reports, accounting, and here’s the big one, a second auto-responder set up to promote this program. 
You see for those participating in this business opportunity, we will set up another separate Internet-On-Demand auto-responder address which will enable you to promote the business opportunity through card decks, postcards, e-mail, letters flyers, fax, word of mouth, you name it.  Not to mention the old-fashioned way of just handing out or circulating this letter.  And.. when your prospects access the auto-responder to learn more about the product or the business opportunity they will do so using your own, unique Internet-On-Demand address, and you’ll receive full credit for their purchase, whether they purchase just the auto-responder at $95 and get the business opportunity kit free, or if they purchase just the business opportunity kit, and then of course full credit on the monthly fee when they join Network By Net. 
When selecting the business opportunity, you will automatically receive simple, yet powerful classified ads, and other proven advertising copy which you may put into use immediately.  We will also include an exact camera ready copy of this sample straightforward letter, including all of its bonuses.  You simply reproduce it and get it out! 
Don’t have a primary program or product or service yet you wish to market? No problem. When you purchase your auto-responder, so as to qualify for this free business opportunity, we’ll hold that auto-responder for you for one full year, giving you more than enough time to load it.  And when we set it up for you, your full year subscription will begin; and your second auto-responder that goes with the business opportunity, the one that you will direct prospects to, to learn about this offer in its entirety, will be automatically and instantly set up for you when we receive your “get started now” application.  And here is a very clever way we have devised for you to market this program effortlessly and painlessly.  It’s really quite genius.  It works like this.  Whatever information you wish to put on your primary auto-responder, the one you purchase through this program for $95, we will add (assuming you elect the business opportunity), a PS to your sales or informational message as follows: 
“You too can harness the awesome power of the Net with Internet On Demand. E-mail to: [yourname]@iodmail.com.” (That’s Internet-On-Demand mail!) 
So now not only will your prospects be impressed at how professional you are at providing them the information via the Internet, but they too can now take advantage of this same, exciting, low cost technology...and you’ll get paid for it…and you’ll also build your own network marketing downline using this very simple yet clever PS.  However, you must sign up for the business opportunity to qualify for these commissions.  It’s only $15 a month, and we’ll even charge your credit card or checking account, and only until such time that your commissions exceed this modest monthly fee.  Don’t forget, you’ll also earn 10% of this fee monthly on all downline members joining the program as a result of your simple marketing efforts.  If you do not elect the business opportunity option, we do reserve the right to add the above noted PS to all auto-responders we set up, but of course we will use our own Internet-on-Demand address. 
What could be simpler?  Building a network marketing downline, utilizing today’s technology exclusively, simply making available your Internet-On-Demand e-mail address and let the auto-responder and our professionally prepared marketing materials do all of the work for you.  Use the sales letter we provide, use the simple yet powerful classified ads and card deck copy, and simply spread the word.  Every single individual who is marketing any program of any kind, including all of the world’s network marketers, need this service…we own Internet-On-Demand, and we’ve got the market cornered.  This simple and basic opportunity, with no hype, just a needed service at the right time in a burgeoning marketplace, could very well prove to be the most stunning opportunity ever presented to you. 
As a signing bonus, when we send your Get-Started-Now marketing kit, we will include a FREE totally interactive seven-page web site kit.  Simple to use, just fill in the blanks.  And it’s yours free for 6 full months; after which, if you choose, you may continue for only $10 monthly – a savings of $15 off the regular $25 monthly hosting fees.  Use it to promote any product, service or any business.  This same signing bonus is available to everyone in your downline automatically and at no cost to you.  We fulfill at our expense.  This bonus all by itself is worth the modest cost of this program. 
Can’t wait to get started? Can’t say that I blame you. 

What could be simpler? High technology at the lowest possible price, instant delivery of valuable information to your waiting prospects, and an opportunity to earn significant revenue sharing this technology with others. With any effort at all on your part this could be a serious money maker for you. Please act today.